The concept of a Product Trio has been around for a few years now. Both Marty Cagan (Silicon Valley Product Group) and Teresa Torres (Product Talk) have written about the role a Product Trio plays in the design & development of tech products.

We see real benefits in its approach…

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The YAGNI principle (you ain’t gonna need it), as a design principle, in practice, is a very powerful utility for all software engineers to adopt and master.

However, it can cause issues when working in software teams.

It is clear that if you are effectively applying YAGNI in practice, you…

The Clean Hexagonal Onion Architecture

What is your reaction to the trigger phrase “opinionated” framework.

Your opinion versus mine!

This topic is about the realities of defining architectural patterns for large systems, in actual code (which is common need in a software businesses where you are trying to gain some efficiencies in reusing learned patterns…

Refactor to make it readable by someone else!

If you want to be a better product designer/developer and work with others on the same codebases, then learn this skill faster than everyone else does. Thinking more, designing more, writing less, better code for your team mates.

BTW: I’m just talking about coding practices here in teams. If you…

The one thing I absolutely love in the world of tech is finding people who are better at articulating the problems I’ve championed in words better than I can, and Marty just knocked it out of the park in his opening 10 mins of the first chapter in his new…

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